Kristen M. Daum  •  Journalist

Hello, I'm Kristen Daum, and welcome to my personal website.


I'm a political junkie, and I report the news that impacts people's daily lives and decisions - whether it's through a tweet, a video, a short story or an in-depth investigation.


Covering breaking news is thrilling, but digging beneath the surface and uncovering what no one else has found is the most rewarding part of my job.  I love scouring public documents and crunching numbers to discover interesting trends and insights about the workings of government.  I view it as my job to inform citizens about the decisions their elected officials make and provide them with the information they need to hold those officials accountable for their choices.


I also love telling stories through different ways: words, images or graphics.  I understand that news can be told through multiple platforms, and I strive to continually expand my skills and learn new storytelling techniques. It's the message that's important, not the medium.


Thank you for visiting my site.


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